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School Games Mark

School Games Mark 2017/18 has a few big changes which schools need to be aware of if they wish to be successful this year.

 - Have a system in place to track young people’s participation in the School Games inclusive of physical activity


 - Have a member of staff who has actively engaged with their School Games organiser (SGO) as part of their Physical        Activity CPD

 - Primary - Schools register on the School Active Planner 

 - Gold: Primary Only – have completed the self review tool (Activity Heatmap) on and can    demonstrate some of the principles of an active school.

Please see the new criteria and Guidance documents below,

School Games Mark Guidance  2017/18

School Games Mark Criteria 2017/18

To help schools improve and maintaining their awards from last year please find your School Games Mark Action plan below. 

School Games Mark History - Primary

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