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Active Class Rooms

Active Class Rooms is not a new idea to many of us, it has been around for a good deal of time. However there is now a mountain of evidence that conclusively shows increased activity in the class room leads to improved results, improved attainment and better concentration. Our Partnership has gathered all this information so schools can access the evidence with ease (Click Here)

However, some schools are still not using this vehicle to achieve success, as it can present too much of a culture change. This is understandable due to the pressure of schools to achieve in English, Maths and Science. Nevertheless, with small steps and little change our schools could see an increase in their pupils results if the Active Class Room programme is used effectively. The research now shows, that as little as 20 seconds activity in a class room increases blood flow to the brain stimulating the children to be more open to learning and developing their concentration. 

To support our schools in making these small changes we will provide links to the most up to date online resources. Schools can access these for free to help get their students moving in the Class Room.

Active Class Room Library 

Change 4 Life - New resource - Train Like A Jedi - New!!!!

Change 4 Life - 10 min Shake Up New!!!!

Super Movers - New resource from the BBC and Premier league 
Class Pal - New online database were teachers can upload their own resources 
Go Noodle - Classic Resource which has been around for a long time
Maths of the Day - This is not a free resource but does give schools 100's of lesson plans - Staff training book for this on March 2018
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