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Over the last few years extensive research has been conducted into the effects of Physical Activity on Achieving Whole-School Priorities 




- effective PE and sport helps to maximise the potential of wider student learning

- engagement with community sport creates opportunities for schools to raise their external profile and embed themselves at the heart of their communities


 - PE and sport enables young people to develop leadership skills and improve their self-esteem and confidence

PE and sport can engage the non-engaged


This page is your school's virtual library for all the up to date research and promotional videos used to educate and promote the true impact of physical activity on whole school improvment. 

Resource 1

- The Link between health and wellbeing and attainment. A briefing for head teachers, governors and staff in education settings - Public Health England 2014   Click here to download

Resource 2 - Active School Planner infographics  - Click To Download

Resource 3 What Works in Schools and Colleges to Increase Physical Activity?  A briefing for head teachers, college principals, staff working in education settings, directors of public health and wider partners. Click below to download

Class Pal

Resource 4 - Educational videos 

 The Power of an Active School

5 Years Extra

 A tool for whole school improvement

 Physically Active Learning

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