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CPD - Legacy Planning

– what will be your school’s legacy from the significant funding for PE? Planning for sustainability

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Service Description

This CPD session aimed at Subject Leaders will look at how funding has been used to date, achievements, and strengths of PE in your school. It will ask questions of your strategic planning for the future and how you have built upon and will continue to develop your school’s ability to sustain high-quality PE and school sport for ALL pupils. Key words / topics will be: • confidence and competence of all staff teaching / supporting PE • capacity and capability to deliver high-quality PE • whole school impact and subject contribution • resourcing to engage, challenge, inspire, extend, and sustain • what do your pupils need now and in the near future? • How will you use the remaining guaranteed funding to continue to improve and raise standards? • How will the school create PPA time? Support competition? Monitor standards etc. without the funding? We will look at sharing solutions to issues and good practice from the group, regional and national examples.

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