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Inclusive menu Of Challenges

Through our close relationship with Panathlon we are happy to provide schools with an excellent menu of resources for Inclusive activity which have been designed to support staff deliver PE in schools and provide different activities which can be set for pupils at home.

The Partnership won't be running a direct Challenge with these activities but will be supporting and encouraging schools to select activities from the resources below which best fits their children's need

and equipment available. Below you will find the links to all the challenges and supporting videos.

For at school/at home lessons

Click the links below to download the relevant guide for your school:

Home Games and Garden Games

To download the guides, just click the relevant link below.

Staying Active at HOme

As well as our menu of Panathlon Challenges we also have a library of Inclusive Home Workouts covering a number of categories eg themed work outs, MATP, inclusive Sports, LRS Inclusive activities and Wheel-power workouts. You can see a few below but to access the rest please click on the powerpoint image

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