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Schools Active Planner

The Schools Active planner was created and introduced in September 2017. Every school wishing to apply for their School Games Mark will need to register and use the active planner.

The Active Planner is an online resource designed by the Youth Sport Trust. The Planner produces a heat map for schools highlighting their level of activity across a specific group. The Planner aims to get schools thinking about a holitsic whole school approach to increased physical activity via,

- Active Travel

- Before Schools Clubs

- Active Class Rooms

- Break Times

- Lunch Times

- After School



To generate this map schools will need to do complete the following steps
1. select a specific group to work with eg Year 3 boys
2. input their school timetable for that group
3. allocate a one of colours activity levels  to each session of the day based on the level of activity 


When completed, this will produce a heat map like the one below. The programme will then generate a personal action plan and suggest various projects your school can undertake to help increase your inactive levels. This process can be repeated for as many different groups as you like.

High Activity
Little Activity
Some Activity
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